Apple Raisin Bagel Baked French Toast Casserole

Cinnamon Raisin Apple French Toast Casserole

Apple Raisin Bagel Baked French Toast Casserole…that’s a mouth full to say and to eat! But it’s oh-so-good on a lazy morning.

I was watching a bit of food TV last week, the only reason we seem to keep a subscription to cable.  A restaurant featured on the TV show offered French toast made with biscuits.  How good does that sound?!?  From the moment I saw that, I had French toast on the brain.  Unfortunately, the only bread in the house was a surplus of cinnamon raisin bagels.  Three batches of this French toast casserole followed suit, just to make sure I had it right. ;)  But don’t worry, I’ll work on a biscuit version soon…

If you are a fan of fried apples or baked apples, you’ll enjoy this.  If you are look for the chewy texture of a bagel, you won’t find it here.  The gluten-free bagels I used became soft and pastry like when baked in this concoction. In fact, it may be the best use for gluten-free store-bought bagels yet.  Got a package in the freezer?  Go get them, make this and enjoy!… 

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Soften Saturday: Be Nice

Soften Saturday: Just Be Nice to Each Other

I know, I know….easier said than done to “just be nice to each other.”  But really, you could help start a revolution by being kinder, nicer, having a bit more empathy and a lot less judgement.  This week I’m sharing links to brilliants posts written recently by wonderful women.*  I hope you’ll click through and… 

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Sriracha Hummus | In Johnna's Kitchen

Sriracha Hummus

Earlier this week I shared my basic hummus recipe.  Today I’m sharing my current favorite hummus: Sriracha Hummus. I know, I know.  There’s Sriracha everything right now.  I was told recently that I need to quit it with the Sriracha, it’s too trendy, everyone is doing it.  But here’s the thing: I truly like Sriracha…. 

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Basic Hummus with Veggies | In Johnna's Kitchen

Hummus: The Basic Recipe

If you buy hummus at the grocery store, this post is for you!  Today I’m sharing my basic recipe and how-to guide for making hummus. While I still buy hummus at the grocery store in a pinch, I much prefer making my own for several reasons. First, the ingredients in store-bought hummus.  While there are… 

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My restaurant and travel book | In Johnna's Kitchen

My Work in Progress: Writing Process Blog Tour

My sweet friend Debi tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Tour. What’s the Writing Process Blog Tour, you ask?  Well, it’s me sharing with you what I’m writing, why my writing process differs from others, why I write what I do and how my writing process works.  It’s also kind of a sneak peek… 

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It's OK to Have a Bad Day

Soften Saturday: It’s OK to Have a Bad Day.

A friend whose wisdom means a lot to me posted a photo message on Facebook this week that said, “Never own a disease. Reduce the amount of time that you talk about being ill. Refuse to allow illness a place in your consciousness.” On a good day, I may have been a fan of this. … 

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S'mores Bark | In Johnna's Kitchen

S’mores Bark (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan)

I really have few words for this one.  All you really need to know is S’mores.  Turned into bark.  Quick and easy, no bonfire required. Ok, so I do have a few more words.  This is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and vegan.  I used Dandies new mini marshmallows, so the marshmallows are vegan. (Regular marshmallows contain… 

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