Curried Shoestring Sweet Potatoes

curried sweet potato shoestrings | In Johnna's Kitchen

I use my Spiralizer (aka The Noodler) several times a week. While most often it is to make some sort of noodle with a vegetable, I like using it to create lots of side dishes, including these Curried Shoestring Sweet Potatoes.

If you are using the Paderno spiral slicer to make this dish, I use the larger of the noodle blades. (Not the flat, ribbon blade.) While the sweet potatoes may look pretty thick when you cut them, they cook into thin, crunchy shoestrings. If you enjoy a fancy little garnish atop a dish, use the smaller of the blades. A little nest of them perched atop a meatless meatloaf is darling. Keep a really close eye on the thinly cut ones while baking, as they will burn in the blink of an eye.

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Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms | In Johnna's Kitchen

Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms

We eat kale enchiladas often.  To complete the meal, I make a side of Quick and Easy Mexican Rice and refried black beans.  Inevitably, we have leftovers.  My favorite way to use up the last of the leftovers: Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms. When I think of stuffed mushrooms, my thoughts go to cheesy, bread crumb topped… 

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envious jealous

Soften Saturday: Envious or Jealous?

Last week many of my friends were traveling, going to beautiful places on Spring Break.  The most common response I noticed to their beautiful photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: “I’m so jealous!” I am left to wonder if they are truly envious or jealous? I’ve written before about choosing our words in a softer… 

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Classes and Resources | In Johnna's Kitchen

What’s Cooking: Resources and Upcoming Classes

Hi there!  I wanted to share a few things that are happening in my kitchen with you!

52sweets choco cup frosted

Coconut: Friend or Foe?

I was interviewed recently for an article that appears in today’s KC Star.  The subject of the article, Coconut. It’s hard to miss all of the coconut  being used in the culinary and health products world today.  A quick look around my kitchen turned up lots of products.  I had on hand coconut flour, coconut… 

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Soften Saturday Kids in the Kitchen

Soften Saturday: Kids in the Kitchen

When I teach cooking classes, those reluctant to embrace my healthier food concepts often say two things to me: “You must not have kids,” and “My kids would NEVER eat that!” They are right, I do not have kids of my own.  I feed lots of families, lots of littles, in my kitchen.  While having… 

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Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, Gluten-Free and Vegan | In Johnna's Kitchen

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts: March Muffin Madness

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you.  These are by far my favorite muffin AND they do taste like donuts!  I promised on Saturday that I would have a donut recipe to share with you and here it is! The recipe can be found here, over at Gluten Free Easily’s March Muffin Madness. … 

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