Strawberry Muffins | In Johnna's Kitchen

Strawberry Muffins (gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free)

Remember last week when I went strawberry picking?  Well, it’s been all about strawberries in my kitchen since then.  There is nothing like the sweet and tart combination of a fresh strawberry, especially one grown locally and picked with your own hands. Plus having all of these berries not-so-patiently waiting inspired me to make strawberry… 

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Music Festival Friends

Soften Saturday: This Music Festival is NOT for You!

This music festival is NOT for you! I’ve been writing quite a bit this past week about attending Hangout Music Fest, a three-day music festival held on the beach in Alabama. It was terrific, a truly great time with more good eats and bands than I could fully experience in one long weekend. But I… 

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Fahrmeier U-Pick Strawberries | In Johnna's Kitchen

Strawberry Patch and Angel Food Cake (gluten-free)

I went to my favorite local strawberry patch with a dear friend and her kiddos this week.  We had the BEST time. Plus we brought home gorgeous berries. If you are in the KC area, go visit my friends Lorin and Bret at Fahrmeier Farms. They will also have blackberries next month.  The wheels are… 

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Chocolate Hummus | In Johnna's Kitchen

Chocolate Hummus

Chocolate Hummus. I’m gonna give you just a minute to wrap your head around that one… I know I’ve taunted you with photos of chocolate hummus I took on a recent flight… And then more chocolate hummus I took to the strawberry patch… Does it sound strange to you?  One of my sweet little friends… 

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Cilantro Peanut Dipping Sauce | In Johnna's Kitchen

Cilantro Peanut Dipping Sauce

I had the best spring rolls on my recent vacation and they came with a dipping sauce that was green.  I was fascinated and then wondered why I had never put anything green in my dipping sauces. I surely put green ingredients into about everything else I eat. Why not dipping sauce?  Allow me to… 

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Rainbow over Orange Beach | In Johnna's Kitchen

I Vacay’d Here: Luxury Coastal Vacations, Pensacola to Gulf Shores

Did you see all of the gorgeous photos I shared while vacationing last week from the balcony of our beachfront condo? Well, just in case, here’s another… What I didn’t share was the wonderful experience with the condo rental agency, Luxury Coastal Vacations.  Way back in January, we decided we were going to Hangout Music… 

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