Soften Saturday: This Music Festival is NOT for You!

Music Festival Friends

This music festival is NOT for you! I’ve been writing quite a bit this past week about attending Hangout Music Fest, a three-day music festival held on the beach in Alabama. It was terrific, a truly great time with more good eats and bands than I could fully experience in one long weekend. But I… 

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I Vacay’d Here: Luxury Coastal Vacations, Pensacola to Gulf Shores

Rainbow over Orange Beach | In Johnna's Kitchen

Did you see all of the gorgeous photos I shared while vacationing last week from the balcony of our beachfront condo? Well, just in case, here’s another… What I didn’t share was the wonderful experience with the condo rental agency, Luxury Coastal Vacations.  Way back in January, we decided we were going to Hangout Music… 

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I Ate Here: Lulu’s at Homeport Marina, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gluten-Free Vegetarian Nachos, Lulu's at Homeport Marina

Years ago I visited the original location of Lulu’s, back when it was a little place on Weeks Bay, Alabama.  I even created a recipe inspired by a dish I enjoyed there.  On our recent trip to the Gulf Shores area, high on my list was visiting Lulu’s in their current location.  Oh my goodness,… 

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I Ate Here: Hangout Music Fest, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Hangout Fest 2015 | In Johnna's Kitchen

There’s an expectation of fair and festival food: fried, on a stick, not healthy, definitely not gluten-free.  Guess what?  That expectation is WRONG. Hangout Fest did an incredible job showing that folks like me, folks like you, can indeed eat at a festival. That’s a real worry, I hear it from folks all the time…. 

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I Ate Here: Tommy’s, Cleveland, OH

Omelet at Tommy's Cleveland

I have this habit of booking the earliest flight of the day when we travel. At the time, my thinking is that we will have the entire day to explore once we reach our destination, instead of wasting daylight flying. But I’m not a morning person.  I was asleep before the wheels of the plane… 

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A Dozen Music Festival Essentials…and then some!

A Dozen Music Festival Essentials | In Johnna's Kitchen

Next week I’m hitting the road (or the skies as it may be) for Hangout Music Festival. I’ll be sharing all of my food finds on Instagram and Twitter while I’m there. But first, I’ve got to pack my bag of music festival essentials. There are many music festivals packing lists online, but most of… 

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