Le Petit Rouge baked donuts, Kansas City, MO

This adorable signed called out to me:

And on the opposite side of Reading Reptile’s entrance, this:

Well, of course I had to go in!

Inside the Le Petit Rouge bakery case, these waited for me. One plate of beautiful, cinnamon sugar-crusted baked donuts:

The fella behind the cash register in the bookstore called over to me, “Need some cupcakes?” Nope, just donuts today please.

I asked for 3 donuts, a total of $4.06 with tax. The fella told me while they were still good at 1 in the afternoon, they are best when they are fresh, I should drop by some Saturday between 10 and 11 in the morning. Donuts are only offered on Saturday mornings. In all of my donut journeys, only one other bakery has made a similar statement and that was Babycakes. I love it when folks want us to experience only the very best of a sweet treat. Interesting that both places who have mentioned this offered baked donuts.

I brought my tiny box of 3 donuts home. I smelled them. I broke one in half to closely inspect the interior texture. But I couldn’t eat them (silly gluten) and they had to wait until almost 11 in the evening to be consumed by my husband. More than 12 hours past their peak, they were still delicious.

My husband John reports the donuts were very sweet even without the addition of cinnamon and sugar. Some donuts would be bland, bread-y, without frosting on top. That is not what these donuts are like, they would be delicious unadorned. The flavor reminded John of a good fried buttermilk donut, but these are baked. The donuts were like eating a really great cake donut without the weight that often comes with a fried donut. At 11 o’clock at night, they were still a great treat, all  gone in a matter of minutes.

Le Petit Rouge is located inside of Reading Reptile in the Brookside area of Kansas City. They are located at 328 West 63rd Street, Kansas City, Missouri.  Even if it’s not Saturday when you drop by, you’ll find a delicious assortment of cupcakes, hand pies, caramels, whoopie pies and bars.  But go on Saturday, it’s worth a special trip just for the donuts!


  1. Anonymous says

    I have tried them several times. I love the idea, love the names and play on words. So cute but just not that tasty and the customer service is kind of really really bad. I feel like I'm bothering them.

  2. says

    Hey Anonymous. You sound an awful lot like that woman from the cupcake shop on the Plaza, you know the one, where the store manager goes around leaving nasty comments on yelp and blogs to try and take down your competition. You should make a better product and find more productive ways to spend your free time so you don't have to run down the competition so as to try to make your corporate product look better.

    Le Petite Rouge donuts are simply, some of the best in town. I doubt you've even tried one.

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