Soften Saturday: Filtering Your Social Media Experience

filtering social media experience

Several months ago the brilliant Erin Brown wrote about filtering her Facebook experience.  I put her plan into place and it works. I want to share with you how you can do the same!

Here’s the scenario:  you have a Facebook friend who brings you down.  Her posts make you feel bad, she’s a Negative Nancy. Or she’s always shilling the latest, greatest diet product or wrinkle-reduction potion.  Her finger-pointing political posts raise your blood pressure.  Her outlook on life isn’t in line with or supportive of where you are headed.  Simply put, it doesn’t make you feel good to read what she shares.

Yet you don’t want to risk hurting her feelings by unfriending her.  What’s a girl to do?

Here’s what you can do…hide her from your feed on Facebook!

The next time she pops up on your Facebook, simply hover the cursor over her name.  A box will pop up.  One of the options in that box is “Show in News Feed.”  Simply un-click that box and you will no longer see her updates in your feed.  Easy!

That won’t prevent Negative Nancy from seeing your news feed and she might drop by to leave one of her trademark unhappy, unhelpful comments on something you share.  If you find that doesn’t make you feel good, you might want to consider unfriending her.

This is, after all, your experience.


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    I’ve been doing that for quite some time! It’s very helpful. Occasionally, I’ll look on such “friends” pages and see something so negative or appalling that I just completely unfriend them. All my friends do not have to share my thoughts or agree with me, but I don’t want to be embarrassed to have them as friends or question if they are really friends (or human beings). Clicking Like to unlike is very easy. I’m happy to be making both changes. :-)



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