I Ate Here: Bonefish Grill

It’s not often I feature a chain restaurant here, focusing instead on locally owned establishments.  But Bonefish has long been a favorite of mine.  When the good folks at Bonefish Grill asked if I would like to drop in to sample their Fall Crush menu, I jumped at the chance for a couple of reasons.  First, the food is excellent at Bonefish.  Second, I wanted to share tips with you on eating out at a chain restaurant when you have dietary restrictions.

If you’ve been a reader here for awhile, you’ll remember my take on Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp.  I created Bang Bang-inspired tofu.  That came about because of trips with girlfriends to Bonefish for dessert and cocktails. Several times when meeting for dessert, friends would order Bang Bang Shrimp instead of dessert.  While they have shrimp, I have the gluten-free Macadamia Nut Brownie with raspberry sauce.

Macadamia Brownie at Bonefish Grill

This brownie is very shareable.  In fact, it’s probably too rich to eat on your own.  Probably…or maybe not. Oh, forget it. Don’t bother trying to share it.  You’ll want to eat it all.  It’s warm, gooey and one of the richest desserts I’ve ever had.  You know that dessert when you think you’ve had enough, you put the spoon down and then mere seconds later you are digging back in?  That’s this brownie, except I never manage to put my spoon down.  So good…. 

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Apple Ginger Honey Cider for One

Feeling a Little Under the Weather? Drink This! Apple Ginger Honey Cider for One

Yesterday morning I was a bit sniffly.  By yesterday afternoon, my head felt heavy, I was sleepy and had the feeling that I was about to have a cold.  You know that feeling?  Like maybe you are about to be sick?  I don’t have time to feel sick, so I headed into the kitchen to… 

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Overworked and Overwhelmed

Soften Saturday: Overworked and Overwhelmed

Well, hello there, fans of Soften Saturday!  It’s been awhile.  I took a break from writing Soften Saturday posts every Saturday because, well, I was Overworked and Overwhelmed. In addition to writing here, I also manage the social media for my site and my other business, teach cooking classes, coach folks new to dietary restrictions… 

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thanksgiving game plan 2

The Thanksgiving Game Plan, a truly special e-book

While teaching a cooking class recently, a concerned mom asked me how she was going to cook Thanksgiving while including her adult daughter who was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance.  I made a few suggestions: keep it simple, cook naturally gluten-free food, start working on a game plan now.  Little did I know, my sweet… 

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Veggie Strata | In Johnna's Kitchen

Veggie Strata, gluten-free & dairy-free

It’s cold and rainy here…again.  The last week has been full of cooler weather, gray days and lots of rain.  The leaves, while colorful, are being pummeled to the ground by wind that sometimes has the rain blowing sideways. This is the beginning of comfort food season for me!  One of my favorite morning comfort… 

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Apple Fritter Bites, gluten-fre & dairy-free

Apple Fritter Bites, gluten-free & dairy-free

Rich with the flavors of fall and the comfort of a donut shop staple, today I’m sharing my recipe for apple fritter bites, gluten-free & dairy-free.  But first, how this recipe came to be… Recently I was shopping at Trader Joe’s with my favorite fella.  It was an early morning, very few folks in the… 

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Detroit Eats | In Johnna's Kitchen

Why You Should Visit Detroit and a Giveaway!

Hello, my sweet readers!  I’m glad you dropped by today, on this, the last day of my Detroit series.  Indulge me for a moment…and make sure you check out the giveaway at the bottom of this post.  (Giveaway now closed.) It’s from my heart and I can’t wait to mail it to one of you!… 

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