Sriracha Cashew Cream | In Johnna's Kitchen

Sriracha Cashew Cream

My favorite dairy-free sour cream alternative is a simple Cashew Cream.  So easy to make, simple ingredients AND I would rather have it than regular sour cream any day. So flavorful!  Adding Sriracha to it? Crazy good. I’m sharing this recipe today as a stand-alone recipe BUT you’ll want this to go with the next… 

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Bourbon Ginger Beer Floats | In Johnna's Kitchen

Bourbon Ginger Beer Floats (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan)

The weekend is quickly approaching and that calls for a treat in my world.  How about Bourbon Ginger Beer Floats?  If possible, these are even better than the classic root beer float. Long a fan of ginger beer, I only recently stumbled across “hard”  or alcoholic ginger beer, one with an alcohol content high enough… 

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What I'm Reading | In Johnna's Kitchen

What I’m Reading: In the Kitchen, On the Go, On the Mend…

I always enjoy seeing lists of what others are reading, but rarely put together lists of my own.  I noticed the stack of books on my coffee table is a particularly good one right now and thought I’d share with you.  How about a couple of cookbooks, a travel tale and a wellness book?

Homemade Hummus Recipes | In Johnna's Kitchen

Homemade Hummus: A Collection of Easy Recipes

Hummus has been in the news the last few days because of a recall.  While I’m not opposed to all store-bought hummus (I like the brand involved in the recall), I much prefer homemade hummus. You can adjust the flavor to your whims, make it in just minutes AND it’s less expensive so you can… 

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Mabel Leigh, 15' Serro Scotty Gaucho

Meet Mabel Leigh: A Vintage Trailer Tale

I want to introduce y’all to the newest resident of my driveway…much to the chagrin of my neighbors, I’m sure. This is Mabel Leigh.  She was made in Bristow, Oklahoma 40-some years ago.  A lady doesn’t reveal her actual age, you know.

Spring Into Healthy Eating

Spring Into Healthy Eating: Register SOON!

I wanted to drop in today to remind you Spring Into Healthy Eating begins in just two weeks.  Have you signed up yet?  I would love for you to join us. For the first time, my program is being offered on-line. I’m super excited about bringing all of this information, all of these delicious recipes… 

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