Kitchen Remodel: It’s DONE!

Finally, we are done with the kitchen remodel! Today, I’m sharing a glimpse of what it looks like In Johnna’s Kitchen…the real one, not the virtual one you’re visiting here.

Way back in the Winter, I shared with you a bit about our kitchen remodel. We started with this:

In Johnna's Kitchen before remodel

We had spent a couple of years browsing every time we were near an IKEA.  You see, we don’t have an IKEA in KC…yet.  We will by fall.  So we would browse IKEA, take photos, come home and plot what would work best. We used the online IKEA kitchen planner until we knew it inside and out.  With a break in our schedule, we took off for Minnesota during a blizzard warning.  Because that’s what super smart folks do.  It was a nerve wracking drive (5 hours turned into 7 1/2) but an easy task to buy the cabinets and get them home.

cabinets in van 02

After buying the cabinets, my favorite fella spent two days building them in the garage.  172 flat packed cartons of cabinet parts and pieces assembled into shiny, white cabinets.  The recycling guy still shudders when he drives up to our house after all that cardboard we put out from unpacking the cabinets.

In Johnna's Kitchen demolition

And then came lots of messy demolition.  Our favorite contractor removed a big chunk of a load-bearing wall, opening our living room up into the kitchen.  The contractor sent over a fella to make the 1970’s popcorn ceilings into the perfectly smooth ceiling I had envisioned.  I can only describe the ceiling fella as an artist–his work is meticulous.  Most of what happened after was boring details, like painting walls (custom color matched to IKEA’s white cabinetry), selecting light fixtures, knobs and pulls, putting in flooring, agonizing over the faucet finish.  Oh, and making a countertop.

So about that countertop…My friend Sarah was also in the process of remodeling–not a house but a yoga studio and healing arts center.  She scored several thousand square feet of tongue-and-groove planks from the old Folgers Factory in Kansas City.  In other vintage materials, it’s what I refer to as New Old Stock, something in the package that is old, but has never been used.  That was this wood.  It had been sitting, waiting to be used, in the Folgers Factory for over 50 years.  Sarah didn’t need all of it, so we purchased enough to make a countertop.

In Johnna's Kitchen countertop installation

The countertop became a time-consuming task.  John and friends Ed and Ethan spent days cutting, sanding and then finishing the countertop.  It took three strong guys to maneuver it into place once it was done. While wood countertops had never been on my wish list, I am so very pleased with how it turned out and I love the history of the wood. (And no, it doesn’t smell like coffee.)  I’m now a big fan of wood countertops.  Ours is finished with a low-VOC, non-polluting marine grade sealer.  If it’s good enough to keep water out of a boat, it should work great in a kitchen.

Water sealer aside, I did choose the kitchen sink based on the countertop.  Instead of going with a farmhouse or apron front sink, I chose to go with an enameled cast iron drop-in sink so there would be less wood surface exposed to water.  The sink I chose is deep and has a 70/30 split. The side with the disposal is pretty narrow, leaving the other side for lots and lots of dishes.

Speaking of dishes, mid-remodel our old dishwasher let us know it was time to buy a new one.  Puddles on the floor, an increasingly loud motor that made it hard to hear in any room of the house, dishes that came out dirtier than they went in. Just when we thought we were right on budget with the remodel!  We bought a Bosch 800 Series.  It has a third rack at the top, perfect for all of my cooking utensils and gizmos or cutlery that don’t fit well anywhere else in a dishwasher.  The second rack is height-adjustable (and removable for that matter) so it’s easy to get big cookware pieces washed. And it is SO quiet that is has a light that shines down on the floor to tell us when it is on.  While we had hoped to not replace appliances since most of ours were new within the last 2 years, I am over the moon about this dishwasher!  (Is that silly? To be excited about a dishwasher? Oh well…)

In Johnna's Kitchen tile

One of the last major tasks was tiling the backsplash.  Our super-skilled friends Bill and Christina installed our backsplash, which is arctic glass subway tile from MS International.  They had it done in an afternoon, we grouted the next day.  I love how it turned out and am so grateful we had friends who are tile masters–they made it look easy when I know for certain it is not.

So here it is…our kitchen remodel, finally finished.

In Johnna's Kitchen

We’ve added a peninsula, which provided three deep drawers, a shallow drawer and two shelves of storage we didn’t have before.  It also gives me more counterspace, which isn’t something I thought I needed but I’ve been enjoying it.  Perhaps it’s isn’t possible to have too much counterspace.

In Johnna's Kitchen peninsula

I’ll share a list of resources below, but wanted to share a couple photos of the knobs and pulls we chose.  Initially, we planned to keep it simple and go with something very inexpensive.  But while browsing World Market for a gift, I noticed their display of knobs.  I thought these handblown knobs would be perfect and they are!  The only trick is that because they are handblown, they are not consistent in size.  We were able to closely match the sizes in spots where knobs are directly adjacent to others, but not before exhausting the stock of both World Market stores nearby.

In Johnna's Kitchen knobs

For drawer pulls, we ordered from Sietto in Chicago.  Our pulls are their Skinny Glacier style in light aqua.  We ordered a test pull, which arrived super quick and then after confirming it matched out tile and knobs, ordered the remainder.  Even though these are handmade and made to order, we received them very quickly.  The folks are Sietto were so nice to work with and quick to answer my questions.  I wish I had more places to use their hardware!

In Johnna's Kitchen drawer pulls

Below is a resource list of the items we selected for our kitchen.  While not exhaustive, I hope I covered most of the important items.

Cabinets:  IKEA (cabinets made in Georgia, USA, doors made in Portgual), white Akurum cabinets with Lidingo doors

Tile: 6″ x 3″ Glass Subway Tile in Arctic from MS International, purchased at Tile & Stone Warehouse in Merriam, KS.

Sink: Kohler’s Wheatland Offset Double Basin  (If you are going to buy a sink from Amazon, it’s worth it to be a Prime member.  Our sink weighed 130 pounds and was delivered by a freight carrier in 3 days.) I chose a Kohler because our previous sink was a Kohler and was in relatively good condition to be 40 years old. I also like that ours is made of 93% recycled goods.

Dishwasher: Bosch 800 series in white

Knobs: handblown glass purchased at World Market

Pulls: handmade custom order from Sietto

Light Fixtures: Habitat for Humanity ReStore (kitchen fixture), Lowes for peninsula pendants, over table fixture.

Table: Hello Sailor

General Contractor: Terry Hubbard (If you are in the KC area and need a contractor who is not only great at what he does but also easy to work with, drop me a message and I’ll share contact information.)

In Johnna's Kitchen

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into where I create the recipes I share here.  I hope one day you’ll join me around the table!


This post contains affiliate links.  Should you make a purchase from one of the links, I may make a small commission.  Affiliate links allow me to continue providing high quality, original recipes tested in my kitchen at no charge to you.  I appreciate your support!


  1. Janet Robison says

    I love it! The cabinet knobs and pulls are gorgeous, and I love how they go with the glass tile backsplash. Beautiful!

    • says

      Thanks, Janet! I love it when an un-plan comes together. 😉 I picked out tile, then found the matching knobs and last ordered the pulls.

  2. says

    Sweet! You and Johnny did a great job. I did mine back in 1996 when we gutted our home. I’m ready for a fresh but $$$’s say no.

    Enjoy, it looks fantastik!

    • says

      Thanks, Robert. I have to say John did the hard part of the work. Assembling all of those cabinets would have had me running the other direction in a hurry. I understand you wanting an update, but your kitchen always photographs so nicely and looks inviting.

  3. says

    Wow! I love it! I really like the story about the wood from the Folgers factory! Thanks for sharing this! I hope that you enjoy your new kitchen!

    • says

      Thanks, Jeanene. While we were sad to see the Folgers factory leave Kansas City, it’s really nice to have a piece of it in our home. We are really enjoying the new kitchen!

  4. Celeste says

    Looks great! I would have thought with all you cooking, you would use a gas stove. Very contemporary and also timeless. You really can’t have enough counter space.

    • says

      Thanks, Celeste! I would much prefer a gas stove but it’s a big task to convert if we keep our kitchen layout. I’ve had my eyes on an AGA for years. Now that they have a smaller scale model coming out, I’m so tempted. If budget were no concern… And you are so right about the countertop. My first canning project in the new kitchen today confirmed that!

  5. says

    It’s really stunning, Johnna! You all did such an amazing job bringing all the components together. Love the white with the green and aqua accents, the historic counter top, etc. And I’ve been coveting one of those Bosch dishwashers for years. Love that they make no noise. They’re amazing. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I rarely use my dishwasher so it seems like an unnecessary expense for now. And who knew you could even get a dishwasher on Amazon?!


    • says

      Thanks, Shirley. Definitely a labor of love but we’re really enjoying it! I figured out during this remodel you can buy just about anything on Amazon. One day I may never have to leave the house. 😉

  6. says


    You’re new kitchen is lovely! I love the retro but modern look and appreciate all the fine details you did and the hard work it took for you guys to do it yourself! What a project! You certainly have a wonderful sense of style and for choosing beautiful elements! Congratulations!

    • says

      Thanks, Robert!

      The kitchen doesn’t end at the frig. There’s an opening then a wall that isn’t shown in the photos. For now, it has a cute vintage two-shelf piece of furniture that holds our juicer and blender. Eventually (when IKEA is open in KC), we may add a floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet there. I appreciate your question–makes me realize that it is even harder to photograph interiors than food.

    • says

      I’m so glad to hear someone else shares my love of an appliance, Lauren! We had guests last night who asked why there was a red light shining on the kitchen floor. My favorite fella explained it’s on so you know when the dishwasher is running. That, compared to our old sounds-like-a-jet-plane dishwasher, is worthy of my complete adoration. :)


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