Twelve Days of Adventures #10, A Helicopter Ride

In 2012, instead of a 52 project, I did a 40+12 project, 40 Days of 40 Favorite Things for my 40th birthday plus 12 Adventures.  This post is one such adventure.  While it does not  include a gluten-free or healthy recipe, it is part of my healthy approach to life lived well.  I hope you’ll read along when I write about my adventures, they are an important part of the journey to health!

Here I go again, sharing an unplanned adventure…

For our seventeenth wedding anniversary, my favorite fella and I found ourselves on the road.  We were headed out of town to work for a couple of weeks and decided we’d stop overnight in St. Louis for dinner and a visit to the botanical garden to see the Chinese lantern exhibit.

I had visited the exhibit earlier in the year when I went to Food Media Forum and had shared the photos with John.  I had also dined at a terrific raw vegan restaurant and stayed at a lovely hotel for a great price thanks to Priceline.  We made plans to have dinner at the wonderful restaurant, PuraVegan, visit the botanical garden and stay at the same hotel.  I snagged the bargain room rate, made sure the restaurant was open…and neglected to buy advance tickets to the botanical garden.  Who knew a weeknight would sell out?

So we had to roll with it.  Instead of going to the botanical garden at night, we took a helicopter flight over it during the day.

There’s a heliport on a barge in the Mississippi river near the Arch.  We took off and landed from there.

We flew over the botanical garden and several other St. Louis landmarks.

This made for a much better adventure than fighting a sold out crowd at the botanical garden on a hot August night anyway!





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    That garden gets PACKED! And quick! We’ve been there 3 times for the Japanese Festival. Always craziness when we go, but so much fun. Glad you guys were able to think outside the box to still be able to enjoy it. 😀

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      The lantern festival was beautiful, but on a night that wasn’t sold out, it was still almost too packed to enjoy. It’s great to see a botanical garden having that problem though!

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