I Ate This: Starlite Cuisine Vegan Taquitos

Goodness, it seems like I’ve been eating a lot of frozen Gluten-Free foods lately. The frozen food aisle at Whole Foods sucked me in!

Starlite Taquitos, vegan chorizo, gluten-free

I’ve not totally fallen off the bandwagon of eating fresh, whole foods.  I’m still managing to eat a high percentage of raw food even.  But I have been swamped with food and non-food work and sometimes don’t have enough time to prepare a full meal.  How crazy is that? Does this happen to you?  Tell me it does so I don’t feel guilty about eating a convenience product occasionally.  After working a few 20-hour days, having food in the freezer that cooks in just a matter of minutes has been great.

Starlite gluten-free, vegan taquitos

And these taquitos?  They were just that, GREAT!  I tried the Starlite Vegan Chorizo and Black Bean Taquitos.  Crispy on the outside, soft filling on the inside.  The chorizo has a great flavor to it and isn’t overly spicy.  With a side of salsa, these made a terrific meal in a flash.  I think they would be even better with guacamole.  And maybe a side of my Super Quick & Easy Mexican Rice.

In my gluten-full, morbidly obese days, I ate a lot of bean and cheese taquitos.  Sometimes I fried them.  But prior to these taquitos from Starlite, I don’t think I had eaten taquitos in at least a few years.  This was a nice dish to revisit, especially made with ingredients better suited for my digestion.

The taquitos I tried were gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and non-GMO.  Starlite also makes rolled tacos, however they are NOT gluten-free.  As always, read labels carefully.



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