New Gluten-Free Finds at Trader Joe’s

Gluten-Free Candy Cane Joe-Joe's at Trader Joes

I ventured to Trader Joe’s today because I heard through the grapevine (Instagram is my grapevine) that they now have gluten-free Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s. If you haven’t had a Candy Cane Joe-Joe before, it’s like an Oreo only better.  The filling has just a hint of mint, thanks to little flecks of candy cane.  My… 

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New Healthy Items Spotted at Trader Joe’s

trader joes coconut flour

Y’all know I love shopping at Trader Joe’s, right?  I wrote a lengthy post here, compiled from walking up and down the aisles and writing down every single item I buy.  And then I wrote this post about all of the gluten-free cookies Trader Joe’s offers.  Today I’m sharing a few new healthy items I… 

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I Shopped Here: ALDI. Gluten-Free & Healthy Eating Resource List

ALDI Healthy & Gluten-Free Shopping

Update 06/18/14:  Please see bottom of post for an update on availability of the LiveGfree line at ALDI. One of the first concerns I hear from someone who is trying to incorporate more healthy food and more gluten-free food into their lives is the cost of the food.  When I share  in response to this… 

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I Shopped Here: KC Door to Door Organics (Special Discount For YOU!)

KC Door to Door Organics | In Johnna's Kitchen

When I was approached about doing a review of KC Door to Door Organics, my answer was an easy and immediate YES.  I’ve been a customer of Door to Door since their early days in the Kansas City area and love what they offer! Door to Door Organics partners with farmers to bring fresh, organic… 

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I Shopped Here: Nooch in Denver, Colorado

nooch vegan market denver

On a recent ski trip, we spent just enough time in Denver for me to snag a few of my favorite cookies, have an amazing breakfast and visit a store I had heard great things about on-line but had not visited in person, Nooch. Did you know I really dig nutritional yeast? It’s my favorite… 

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