Sriracha Hummus

Sriracha Hummus | In Johnna's Kitchen

Earlier this week I shared my basic hummus recipe.  Today I’m sharing my current favorite hummus: Sriracha Hummus. I know, I know.  There’s Sriracha everything right now.  I was told recently that I need to quit it with the Sriracha, it’s too trendy, everyone is doing it.  But here’s the thing: I truly like Sriracha…. 

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Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms

Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms | In Johnna's Kitchen

We eat kale enchiladas often.  To complete the meal, I make a side of Quick and Easy Mexican Rice and refried black beans.  Inevitably, we have leftovers.  My favorite way to use up the last of the leftovers: Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms. When I think of stuffed mushrooms, my thoughts go to cheesy, bread crumb topped… 

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Black Eyed Pea & Roasted Garlic Hummus

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas are one of my favorite foods to assure good luck in the New Year. This hummus is a quick and easy way to eat black eyed peas, along with other good-for-you ingredients like olive oil and roasted garlic. Oh, the roasted garlic!  This recipe uses an entire head (not a clove, a… 

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Pimento Cheese Spread: Beyond the Sandwich (dairy-free, vegan)

pimento cheese (dairy-free) In Johnna's Kitchen

Pimento cheese sandwiches bring back childhood memories of sandwiches on white bread, laden with either homemade pimento cheese or the variety we called pimento cheese “spread,” that actually came from a glass jelly jar.  Do you remember it, too? While chatting with my friend Tina and her fella about tasty dishes that contain dairy, pimento… 

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A New Year’s Treat: Pecan Sugar Glazed Goat Brie

Gooey Goat Brie with Pecan Sugar Glaze (500x325)

With Christmas behind us, it’s time for me to share recipes perfect for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day gatherings.  I’ve got several tasty nibbles lined up to share, most of them leaning toward savory.  But a little sweet is always welcome, right? This is a super quick and easy appetizer or addition to… 

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Sweet Ginger Sriracha Roasted Cashews

Sweet Ginger Sriracha Roasted Cashews recipe In Johnna's Kitchen

I’ve been on a roasted nut kick, roasting nuts in the crockpot and in the oven.  They make such a wonderful gift during the holidays and beyond.  A cute little jar of roasted nuts is a welcome hostess gift any time of year.  But mostly they are just delicious to eat! Yesterday I decided to… 

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