Roasted Potato & Green Bean Salad

roasted potato and green bean salad | In Johnna's Kitchen

One of my favorite tapas  to share during happy hour at La Bodega is their Judias Verdes, a dish of roasted potatoes and green beans with figs and walnuts.  In my recipe idea file, I had made a note to re-create this dish at home when fresh green beans were harvested from our garden.  My… 

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Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups

Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups | In Johnna's Kitchen

When I was still eating gluten and wasn’t conscious of what was in the food I was eating, I would sometimes get this delicious cookie cup thing at the cookie place in the mall.  It was the size of a muffin, not a mini muffin.  Chewy peanut butter cookie filled with some sort of chocolate… 

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World’s Easiest Coconut Curry Sauce with Veggies

coconut curry and veggies (319x350)

When I typed that headline, I worried that you would read it and say, “Nope, the World’s Easiest Coconut Curry Sauce comes from the grocery store in a jar.”  Well, okay, you may be right.  But I am certain it isn’t as flavorful as my version.  And mine is pretty basic, no ingredients you can’t… 

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Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms

Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms | In Johnna's Kitchen

We eat kale enchiladas often.  To complete the meal, I make a side of Quick and Easy Mexican Rice and refried black beans.  Inevitably, we have leftovers.  My favorite way to use up the last of the leftovers: Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms. When I think of stuffed mushrooms, my thoughts go to cheesy, bread crumb topped… 

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St. Patrick’s Day Round-Up (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan)

Jackfruit Reuben Sandwich | In Johnna's Kitchen

St. Patrick’s celebrations are huge here in Kansas City. There are multiple parades on Snake Saturday and a huge parade on St. Patrick’s Day, in addition to several smaller parades. There are lots of festive gatherings all over the city in addition to the parades and lots of parties to attend. We do St. Patrick’s… 

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Buffalo Hasselback Potatoes (dairy-free)

bhp (500x480)

Hasselback potatoes are a dinner favorite here. They are so easy to make and fun to top with just about anything in the fridge. I love the flavor of Buffalo wing sauce, even though I’ve never had wings. The sauce paired with my dairy-free bleu cheese dressing makes spicy, cheesy Buffalo Hasselback potatoes that will… 

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