Honey Sriracha Ketchup, a Sweet & Spicy Twist on a Classic

Honey Sriracha Ketchup Ijk

Are you a fan of ketchup?  Or catsup?  Eat it on everything?  While I’m not that crazy about ketchup, I am a big fan of ketchups with a twist.  Curry ketchup on fries is a favorite of mine.  And now, Honey Sriracha Ketchup.  With three common ingredients, you can mix up this ketchup that will… 

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Curried Shoestring Sweet Potatoes

curried sweet potato shoestrings | In Johnna's Kitchen

I use my Spiralizer (aka The Noodler) several times a week. While most often it is to make some sort of noodle with a vegetable, I like using it to create lots of side dishes, including these Curried Shoestring Sweet Potatoes. If you are using the Paderno spiral slicer to make this dish, I use… 

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Creme Brulee for Two, Dairy-Free

Creme Brulee | In Johnna's Kitchen

With only two of us in the house, making big batches of dessert is a challenge.  I say this because I have limited restraint when it comes to dessert.  With this Creme Brulee for Two, that problem is solved. Know what else is solved?  It’s dairy-free and also refined sugar-free.  If you’ve been reading my… 

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Roasted Potato & Green Bean Salad

roasted potato and green bean salad | In Johnna's Kitchen

One of my favorite tapas  to share during happy hour at La Bodega is their Judias Verdes, a dish of roasted potatoes and green beans with figs and walnuts.  In my recipe idea file, I had made a note to re-create this dish at home when fresh green beans were harvested from our garden.  My… 

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Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups

Mini Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups | In Johnna's Kitchen

When I was still eating gluten and wasn’t conscious of what was in the food I was eating, I would sometimes get this delicious cookie cup thing at the cookie place in the mall.  It was the size of a muffin, not a mini muffin.  Chewy peanut butter cookie filled with some sort of chocolate… 

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World’s Easiest Coconut Curry Sauce with Veggies

coconut curry and veggies (319x350)

When I typed that headline, I worried that you would read it and say, “Nope, the World’s Easiest Coconut Curry Sauce comes from the grocery store in a jar.”  Well, okay, you may be right.  But I am certain it isn’t as flavorful as my version.  And mine is pretty basic, no ingredients you can’t… 

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